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Kerri Salls
Exit Strategist &
Value Growth Advisor

This Way Out Group, LLC

Kerri Salls MBA, CVGA is a certified value growth advisor; exit strategist, speaker, podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and the best-selling author of Multiply Your Business Value in 3 Steps – The Path to Your Value Growth Breakthrough; HARVEST Your Wealth; and Secrets to Creating VALUE – Rebuild/Reinvent/Reposition your Business for the New Normal.Her Value Growth Manifesto, a free pdf, is a wake-up call to owners and founders.



3X Value Growth™     

Kerri built the 3X Value Growth™ system to enable clients to predictably multiply intrinsic enterprise value three-fold in just three years. This approach helps lower middle market companies reduce risk and achieve measurable long term results that demonstrate both sustainability and scalability. Those internal results create opportunities for funding, financing, or liquidity.

Value Multiplier MastermindTM    


To extend this program to more owners, Kerri will launch the Value Multiplier MastermindTM in 2022. This will be a 9 week group mastermind with the same materials, scope, and depth as the 3X Value GrowthTM program in a group format.

Fasttrack 20/20          

Adapting to COVID –19 constraints and wanting to help as many owners as possible make the right decision for them, their business, their family, and their finances; Kerri created FastTrack 20/20, the first online value growth program for private and family run businesses. Fasttrack 20/20 is a six-week program for owners to help them decide to sell soon, grow their business for greater value in 3-5 years, or hold on to their business long term.

Fasttrack 20/20 provides leadership lessons, best practices, and generates a preliminary internal value potential for the business. This process will be indispensable for owners and their companies as they recover and consider their future beyond the pandemic.



Owners, if you are ready to increase profitability, optimize operations and streamline systems now, to increase long term value and results, Kerri Salls is the one you want to speak to. 

Working with growth-seeking owners and founders of businesses that may be underperforming in income, growth and value, Kerri works on corporate growth, value creation and exit planning. Her broad skills and experience empower her to be laser-focused on revealing and resolving critical strategic issues to create and grow value for closely held businesses before they get to a transaction, by helping owners and founders to revamp and improve operations.

Her background in corporate strategy, business ownership, and work as a certified value growth advisor have taught her that owners and founders are on the hot seat when it comes to:


  • Improving profitability

  • Optimizing operations effectiveness

  • Systematizing for growth

  • Delivering long-term value

  • Demonstrating sustainability and scalability


Kerri’s programs help clients address each of these objectives.



Kerri operates at the intersection of strategy, systems, and value growth to help companies achieve measurable long term results that increase enterprise value.

Specializing in early exit planning for a client’s endgame, Kerri applies her wealth of knowledge in planning, problem-solving, strategy and operations to achieve corporate results that deliver sustainable growth to measurably increase value quickly.


Kerri is a serial entrepreneur who founded a number of technology and services companies, both domestic and international. Since 1999, her advisory services to owners and founders of small and mid-size businesses emphasize strategy, long term planning, growth, and value; culminating in owner exit/succession preparation.

  • She diagnoses and simplifies problems and obstacles to help leaders and their teams find opportunity in every challenge; to drive sustainable change and value.

  • She helps clients become better performing companies, with the potential to increase intrinsic value.

  • She holds an MBA in Operations Management and International Marketing, and numerous professional certifications. She is among the elite group who have achieved the distinction of earning the CVGA credential (Certified Value Growth Advisor). 

  • Kerri has served on the Board of Directors for multiple exit planning associations in New England.

  • In 2009, she co-chaired the First Women’s Economic Summit in Lowell, MA.

  • Previously, she published reports for the US EPA, consulted to the US Government Printing Office, and served in the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa.

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