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Robert Simpson
Managing Partner
Waverider Communications

In 2012, after over 25 years in advertising and sales, Rob Simpson launched Waverider Communications. Rob began his career selling restaurant supplies, but quickly realized his true calling was advertising, which landed him at Southern New England Telephone Publishing, where he twice earned recognition as a member of the President’s Honor Club for being the top salesperson in his division. Next it was on to television with stops at three stations in the Hartford Market before moving to Boston to take a position at WSBK-TV, followed by seven years at Comcast.

Throughout his career Rob has consistently been at the top in sales production and has taken the approach of being an advertising professional who is in sales rather than simply a salesperson. This approach has allowed Rob to write and conceptualize commercial campaigns for clients as part of his process. Through the years Rob has worked with many talented producers, editors, and artists with whom he has formed the Waverider team. His philosophy and team are the foundation upon which Waverider Communications has been built. Think the marketing equivalent of "The Avengers" without all the cool toys (but we're working on it).


The guiding principle of Waverider Communications is: 

Based what we have learned about our clients, combined with our knowledge of Advertising, Marketing, and Sales, if we owned our clients business, what would we do? 

In addition to sales, Rob has conducted training seminars, specialized in media research, created and executed successful promotions and events, worked on television productions and has even done voice-overs.

Our name comes from Rob’s other passion – riding waves. Rob is as happy in a business suit helping a client as he is in a wetsuit riding a wave.

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